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Club Name:  SI Tororo

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City:  Tororo

Charter Date:  29 April 2016

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Club President:   Sophia Dorothy Angurah –

Secretary:   Vicky Opata –



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General Meeting

When:  Every last Saturday of the month
Where:  Kisoko Sub County Headquarters.

Executive Meeting

When:  Every last Saturday of the month
Where:  Kisoko Sub County Headquarters.

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SI Tororo was chartered on 29th April 2016 and is engaging in several activities in order to inspire action and transformation in the lives of women and young girls in Tororo district. SI Tororo activities are done on voluntary basis by encouraging members to be the change agent in their communities. We strive to make women responsible in their families by providing skills that can enable them earn an income. This will in turn control the root cause of domestic violence (poverty), reduce the dependence syndrome and encourage girl child education.



Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)

FAL is a programme designed by the Government of Uganda with assistance of some NGOs with a focus on linking literacy to people’s livelihoods and needs. SI Tororo has liaised with the local council to be able to have access to some blackboards for the Literacy classes. The instructors are working on voluntary basis however most times they lack facilitation in terms of transport, stationary, and chalk.

Handcrafts and Knitting

This includes the making of mats, baskets and table clothes. Most women have widely accepted this because it’s easy to learn, the materials are locally available and it can be done during their free time. The challenge is that much as the materials are locally available, some women cannot afford it. The machines used for knitting are expensive for the local woman.

Music, Dance and Drama

Some women groups are also involved in music, dance and drama to help sensitize the local population on societal vices like domestic violence, early marriage, encourage girl child education etc

Brick Making

Some women groups have taken on brick making to help their families earn an income.

School Enterprise Challenge (SEC)

SI Tororo signed an MOU with Teach a man to fish a UK based educational charity organization which aims to empower young people in the 21st century skills. Under this program teachers and students are guided and supported to plan and set up real school businesses. Some of the schools like Gwaragwara and Sop sop primary schools submitted business plans and were awarded certificates last year at the bronze level. SI Tororo targets to encourage many schools to join the school enterprise and the ones who have already started to progress to the next level as both the student and teachers stand to benefit from this.