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Club chartered on 28/05/2016
The SI Pretoria Club and the SI Tshwane club, after long deliberation and hard work in the background, amalgamated to form one strong club called SI Pretoria-Tshwane. The chartering of the new club took place on Saturday, 28 May 2016 at the Pretoria Country Club.
SI Pretoria-Tshwane forms part of SI South Africa, the South African national organisation.
The club’s AGM takes place during the March meeting each year.


Mapula Embroidery Project and the Holy Land Embroidery Project in Rwanda

The ongoing Mapula Embroidery Project initiated 26 years ago, in the Winterveld is still one of the important community art projects in South Africa. Over the years women have been economically empowered through the sale of their products. A working Trust, called the Mapula Embroidery Trust, with 7 trustees was registered in December 2016, thanks to the assistance of the Soroptimists involved as well as volunteers who serve on the Trust

The Holy Land Embroidery Project in Rwanda is an ideal partnership between SI Europe (The Netherlands), SI Pretoria-Tshwane (SISA) and SI Rwanda (Butare). After the initial success of the training of the first 12 women in Kibeho, Rwanda, by the women from the Mapula Embroidery Project and SI Pretoria-Tshwane, the Priest of the Holy Land Kibeho Sanctuary contacted Netty Butera and asked if another 19 women who were begging at the Holy Shrine, could be trained and incorporated into the Holy Land Embroidery Project. Enough funding was received for a follow-up visit which took place in July 2016 where we managed the integration and training of the new women into the group. Soroptimists Janetje van der Merwe, Helene Potgieter and José Vermeij, with the help of Vianney Rangira and two volunteers from Pretoria, trained the women and worked with the initial group of 12 women to enhance their embroideries and refine the tracing and the designs. Our sincerest gratitude goes to all who sponsored the venture: the Soroptimists in the Netherlands Tonny Filedt Kok who donated in her personal capacity and the Clubs SI Scheveningen and SI Ede. A sewing machine, embroidery cottons and fabric to the value of almost R15 000 were presented by the Pretoria Boys’ High School learners for to the Holy Land Kibeho Embroidery Project in Rwanda.

Tateni-St Francis Drop-in-Centre Literacy and Life Skills Project

SI Pretoria-Tshwane has for many years part-funded the stipend of a home visitor and drop-in centre carer for Tateni. So many destitute and chronically ill Mamelodi residents have over that time come to love Maria Mogashoa and rely on her visits and services. Maria takes care of 20 children representing 13 families, at the ST Francis drop-in centre. About 24 attend the St Francis Drop-In Centre daily. A new person has been appointed to assist twice a week at the library.


Underwear Project in Atteridgeville, Tshwane

a. The underwear project for school children, focusing on the children at the Makgatho Primary School in Atteridgeville continued with the support of IDSA (The International Diplomatic Spouses Association) and the Pretoria Boys High School. Michelle Mann wife of the New Zealand High Commissioner wrote after they visited the school: It was such a privilege to be part of yesterday’s event, and to meet such committed and inspiring teachers and community workers (including your group). And the children singing for us was an experience I will always remember!

The VIP (Volunteer Internship Programme)

An intern, Mia, from SI Southern England joined SI Pretoria-Tshwane Club in December 2016 to work as a volunteer in the three areas where the Club is active in the Tshwane Metropolitan area. Mia is currently staying in Atteridgeville and is assisting Soroptimist and Head mistress Jane Tsharane at the Makgatho Primary School in Atteridgeville. She will also assist at the Tateni Drop-in Centre during her year-long stay in Pretoria.

Westerlig Primary School Support

The club donated food parcels in the past, and in 2016 donated 36 boxes of printing paper to the Westerlig Primary School, which is situated in a very needy community in Pretoria, to assist them in their teaching. Pretoria Boys High has very kindly made this donation possible.